Recovery, Evaluation And Preservation Of Donor Tissues

In order to accomplish the goal of bridging the gap between the demand and the supply of quality donor tissues, the Ramayamma International Eye Bank initiated the Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program (HCRP) in 1990.

RIEB procures corneas from a variety of sources, with a focus on active procurement from hospitals. The Hyderabad team alone has collected 1352 corneas in 2003. Of which, 918 corneas have been utilized for surgeries and 53 have been distributed to other hospitals in the Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The RIEB still has a waiting list of close to 400 patients who are in need of a healthy corneal tissue.

Procured corneas are evaluated based on various parameters and are suitably graded. ‘Excellent' to ‘good' grade cornea are used for corneal transplants while lower grades are used for therapeutic transplants which are performed to stem the spread of infection on the surface of the eye. The corneas are also screened for the HIV antibody, HBS antigen and VRDL (Syphilis).

The corneas are preserved in MK medium and are distributed among LVPEI and hospitals in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, to meet their surgical, therapeutic and research needs.

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