Distribution Of Tissues For Corneal Transplantation

The donor corneas locally procured by the RIEB are not only utilized by surgeons within the L V Prasad Eye Institute, but are also made available to numerous corneal surgeons across the country. In 2014-2015, 5066 corneas were collected by RIEB, of which 1943 were utilized across the LVPEI network and 245 corneas were distributed to other corneal surgeons across the country. RIEB till date has collected over 52,600 donor corneas, of which 27,200 donor corneas have been transplanted to needy patients.

Mohsin Eye Bank, Visakhapatnam and Drushti daan Eye Bank, Bhubaneswar, community eye banks of LVPEI in 2014-2015, collected 1528 corneas, of which 730 corneas were distributed to corneal surgeons outside the LVPEI network.

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